Tuesday, January 31, 2012

keep thinking.

 From one thing move to another..


I keep telling myself, stop caring about other peoples feelings for once and care a little more about yourself,
I'm in a stage where nothing make sense to me now. I even feel like running away from here.
Why should i stay here when nothing seems to make sense to me?

I wanna be in a hole. Be there till everything becomes clear. Till everything is just forgotten. Start all over again. I am in need of a restart button. I want things to be back to normal.

I really wish you didn't spot me that day, I really wish you didn't have to fall for me, I really wish that i am still me, Once more.

Wouldn't your life would be better off without me? No more drama, no more sadness, no more heartaches, no more TEARS. Don't you think you deserve someone that appreciates all the things you do? Don't you think you could be better off without me?

i just drifted away while typing this...
I just don't know what to do. Can anyone help me solve this problem?

Why do i have to go through this once more?

i'm so tired. I feel like giving up. Would that be better?

terima kasih daun keladi, kalau rajin komen sekali :)

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